Military Mothers Crash Annual Code Pink Dinner! …Update: Code Pink Calls Cops!

Code Pink gets Code Pinked…
UPDATE: Here is another photo from the protest-

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Beverly Perlson and the Band of Mothers crashed an annual Code Pink dinner this past weekend!!
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Bev Perlson and Band of Mothers protested Code Pink this week.
Code Pink Marxist founder Medea Benjamin did not appreciate it.

Democracy Project has more from Bev Perlson who flew in from Chicago to crash the Code Pink dinner in New Jersey.

MORE… The New Jersey Star-Ledger actually reported on the protest against the protesters:


Some 18 people from groups that oppose anti-war protests as “anti-American” hoisted signs condemning CODEPINK as supporting terrorism.

“I’m here to support our soldiers,” said Beverly Perlson, founder of the group Band of Mothers. Perlson, whose son served four tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, flew in from Chicago to attend the rally in Morris County. She said CODEPINK protesters, who have agitated for the closure of a military recruitment center in Berkeley, Calif., are not just “anti-victory,” they are “pro-defeat.”

“They want to see us lose. I don’t understand this,” Perlson said, after a heated exchange with CODEPINK supporters. “I’ve been referred to as the mother of a terrorist. … My son isn’t a terrorist.”

“They are a very virulent anti-American group,” Carolyn Van Zorge, of North Bergen, state coordinator for the group Gathering of Eagles, said of CODEPINK, which has regional offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington and New York.

Medea Benjamin, left, of CODEPINK: Women for Peace, talks with a protester from the group Gathering of Eagles, during a demonstration on Sunday. (MATTHEW VAN DUSEN / SPECIAL TO THE HERALD NEWS)

Bev Perlson had a few words with Medea Benjamin, via the Herald News:

“I wanted to say hello to you and move you a bit toward dialogue,” Benjamin said to Beverly Perlson, who came from the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn, Ill., to protest the event. Perlson said her son has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan four times.

“I have a message for you, Medea, get out of our country,” said Perlson, who carried a sign that said “The original Medea murdered her own children, Medea Benjamin is murdering ours” — a reference to the character from Greek drama.

Murtha’s Office Calls Cops on Iraq Vet’s Mom–

UPDATE: Notice the “Che” book and read below…

Beverly Perlson writes in:

Bruce and Jim, Thank you both for your interest. We do have a video of several interactions this Sunday with the Pinkos. We hope to get it posted by this weekend. The book Robert is holding is written by Suzi (Medea) and she signed it.

I cannot tell you how many Patriots there are in New Jersey but as I stood on the curb there waving to the passing traffic, the honks from the cars was absolutely wonderful. I only hope that Suzi heard it all inside. She did have her little friends call the Police on us but we had a permit and they were very very nice to us.

In all my life, I have never had the Police called on me until I started standing up to the likes of John Murtha and Medea Suzi! At one point the Chief of Police drove by and he really beeped his horn. Then, before we left, a Policeman came back to ask us who Code Pink is and he wanted to know how we knew they would be there. We told him all about Code Pink and their calendar on their website.

Great job, Bev!

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