Media Hides Video of Obama & "Father Figure" Jeremiah Wright

“Jeremiah Wright is his pastor and for over two decades a sort of intellectual father figure.”

CBS 2 Anchor
Reporting on Barack Obama
February 8, 2007

NewsBusters and CBS2 reported on Barack’s close ties with racist anti-American pastor Jeremiah Wright who is described as a “father figure” to the Illinois senator:

The YouTube account on the video says this:

During the recent media super storm: Obama’s Pastor Disaster, CBS 2 Chicago has strangely not released video they have of Obama at Trinity United Church of Christ for a Book Signing / Church Service with Pastor Wright. According to a Chicago Tribune article, at the Service Obama spoke to the cheering congregation and the choir sang, “Hallelujah Barack”. After the service Wright and Obama sat together, laughing , talking and signing books. Leaving one to wonder, if a republican candidate had this sort of controversy swirling around would the footage have found it’s way to the national and cable news networks by now?

Barack and father figure and mentor Jeremiah Wright signed books together last year at his church in Chicago.


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