Latin American Media Paints Pelosi As a Chavez Lackey

The South American media knows who the Chavez lackeys are…

“Democrats Freeze the Colombian FTA With the “Chavez Rule””
… is the headline at Noticias 24 following Pelosi’s historic move to block free trade with Colombia.

Pelosi– The Hugo Chavez Lackey…

The South American news agencies were following the Democrat’s historic move to change House rules and block a free trade agreement for the first time in American history.
Noticias 24 reported:


Nancy Pelosi, used as an excuse to work in the priority legislation and packages to resolve the financial crisis and economic slowdown in the United States. However, opposition to the trade pact may have more to do with the objections of the Democrats to President Uribe as personal…

El Tiempo headlined “Everyday withou a FTA is a Missed Opportunity For the Two Countries” and reported:

…Curiously, violence against trade unionism in the country, which had been the main objection Democrat so far, it was not the heart of the debate yesterday. For most of the Democrats, the vote was intended to recover the leadership of the House that Bush usurped the message unilaterally. “This is not a vote on the trade agreement with Colombia. It is a vote against the arrogance of Bush. Pelosi What we did was to say “No more” to a president who insists on stealing authority,” said the representative of Vermont, Peter Welch.

Last year Speaker Pelosi refused to meet with Colombian President Uribe when he came to DC to speak with her.

Thanks to Atlas and Andy Bryant for this:
Investors Business Daily reported on Pelosi’s War Against Colombia

April 10 may end up as a date which will live in infamy. The Speaker of the House not only refused to step forward and be counted on approving the vital Colombia free-trade agreement, she ran away from letting anyone else vote on it.

After President Bush submitted the pact to a vote under fast-track rules, she changed them to ensure it wouldn’t go anywhere anytime soon. By a 224-195 House vote, the voting timeline rule on trade pacts was changed from 90 days to whenever. Pelosi now can hold up Colombia’s treaty however long her caprice dictates.

“The message Democrats sent today,” a bitter Bush warned after Thursday’s vote, “is that no matter how steadfastly you stand with us, we will turn our backs on you when it is politically convenient.”

Pelosi’s move leaves Colombia, an ally, in limbo and uncertainty. She may think her clever maneuver was done in a vacuum, but it wasn’t. In Venezuela’s capital of Caracas, where Hugo Chavez holds forth, and in the jungles of Colombia, where drug terrorists hide out, Pelosi’s move was watched closely.

Indeed, within hours of the vote, Latin American media already were calling Pelosi’s maneuver the “Chavez Rule.”

The Venezuelan dictator is no doubt fascinated at how Pelosi could do this to America’s best ally in Latin America, punishing a vibrant democracy by isolating it from all the other nations that have sought and won free trade.

Unlike, say, military aid, this deal costs the U.S. nothing, is too small to have much impact on the U.S. economy and is mainly about ending tariffs on U.S. goods sold in Colombia, matching the no-tariff trade that Colombian firms already get here.

Free trade was what Chavez’s enemy, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, considered his best weapon. And Pelosi knocked it right out of his hand, just to placate her party’s union supporters.

** Atlas has more on Speaker Pelosi including rumors that she may have intended to undermine US operations in Iraq during her trip to Syria.

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