Kofi Shuns Jimmy Carter– Will Not Join Him at Hamas Meeting

Wild horses won’t drag him away.
Jimmy Carter stands alone… He’s going to meet Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks.

Condi Rice told him not to do it— Not to meet Hamas.
Even fellow self-appointed Elder Kofi Annan decided to not to join Jimmy Carter in his meeting with Hamas.
The Elders released this announcement:

April 8th, 2008

The Elders have been exploring ways that they can contribute to peace and to the world’s understanding of the complex issues involved in the Middle East conflict.

They had planned a visit to the region in April to meet and listen to representatives from government, civil society, business and the public in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. The Elders will continue consultations with key leaders in the region and outside with the purpose of developing a comprehensive report, but have decided to postpone their visit.

But, this won’t keep Jimmy from meeting the Hamas leader later this week.


Israel Matsav posted the video of Jimmy talking about how he must visit the Hamas terrorists:

So it looks like Jimmy Carter is on his own with Hamas… Just like those other times he met with the terrorist group.
Israeli officials also snubbed Carter this week for insisting on meeting the terrorist group Hamas.

Jimmy’s friends in Hamas explained this weekend that the destruction of the Jews is just a precursor to Islam’s conquest of the entire world.

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