Jeremiah Wright Spouts Off KKK Propaganda to Detroit NAACP & Gets Standing Ovation

AmeriKKKa Indeed…
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright spouted off KKK propaganda to his audience in Detroit last night at the Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner.

And, they never batted an eye.

Last night at the 53rd Annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner in Detroit, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright described to his audience of 10,000 that the very structure of the brains of Africans differ from that of European-descent brains:

“Africans have a different meter, and Africans have a different tonality,” he said. Europeans have seven tones, Africans have five. White people clap differently than black people. “Africans and African-Americans are right-brained, subject-oriented in their learning style,” he said. “They have a different way of learning.” And so on.

American Digest has the video.
Oddly enough… This is the same argument used by the KKK in promoting their campaign of hatred.
Not surprisingly, the official website of the KKK (no, this is not a website I frequent!) has plenty of information that echoes what the Rev. Wright told his audience of black leaders last night:


The book of Popular Science in their 1931, Vol. 11 edition stated, “The verdict is that the Negro does belong to an inferior race. His brain capacity is poorer, its construction simpler…,” What is meant by this was what ALL geneticists know but are afraid to say, the Negro and white brains are different.

Here’s more evidence from the KKK website on the differences between white and black brains:

Each race is unique and has different talents and capabilities. Furthermore, while the scientific data does show a difference in white and black brains – we also recognize that there are some very intelligent blacks and some lesser intelligent whites. However, as a whole, the scientific community has found that blacks as a group – and across the entire spectrum are less capable than whites in the areas of logic, math, and science.

And this:

All the great scholars and researchers of the past were quick to point out the many differences that exist between the White and black races. The Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th edition, Vol. XIX, page 344 stated, The Negro would appear to stand on a lower evolutionary plane than the white man, and to be more closely related to the highest anthropoids… “Mentally the Negro is inferior to the white. The remark of F. Manetta, made after a long study of the Negro in America, may be taken as generally true of the whole race: ‘the Negro children were sharp, intelligent and full of vivacity, but on approaching the adult period a gradual change set in. The intellect seemed to become clouded, animation giving place to a sort of lethargy, briskness yielding to indolence. We must necessarily suppose that the development of the Negro and the white proceeds on different lines.

Do you suppose if George Bush or Newt Gingrich would have talked to this group about “the differences in brains” they would have received a standing ovation too?

Ed Morrissey has more on this weird exchange by Wright.

Michelle Malkin has much more on Reverend Wright, racial phrenologist.

UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson adds:

Wright’s speech on black-right brainers, white-left brainers — replete with bogus stereotypes and crude voice imitations — was about as racist as they come and at one time antithetical to what the NAACP was once all about. Again, the Obama campaign and its appendages have set back racial relations a generation. Just ten years ago, any candidate, black or white, would have rejected Wright making a speech about genetic differences in respective black and white brains. Now it’s given to civil rights organizations by the possible next President’s pastor and spiritual advisor — and done to wild applause for an organization founded on the idea that we are innately the same, while being gushed over by ignorant “commentators.”

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