Iraqi Forces & Tribal Leaders Join to Hammer Outlaw Militias

Their worst days are behind them.
Iraq is on its way to becoming a true success story in in the Middle East.
It’s just a shame that not all of America will be excited about these continued successes. Some groups invested too much in failure.

Iraq-American Haider Ajina sends this latest good news from Iraq.
Today Iraqi Buratha News reported on the the political support the central government is getting to clean up southern Iraq from outlaw militias and gangs.

(Buratha News)
Haider explains this good news from Iraq:

The attached link is to an article from Buratha News reporting on the Iraqi Defense Minister Mohamed Jasim Alubeidi in Basrah. The article points out the political support the central government is getting to clean up southern Iraq from the outlaw militias and gangs. The support came from tribal leaders and provincial officials. Alubeidi also mentioned that this cleansing operation is showing the central government is one for all Iraqis. The minister’s deputy Brigadier Aiden Khalid said that the Basra Province security forces will be cleansed next.

Jim, notice what is missing in the picture that is posted with the article (above). There are no U.S. military men or women in the picture, not a single U.S. uniform. Thanks to our training and promotion of self reliance, Iraq has come far in taking over its own security while respecting the rule of law. While Egypt and Iran suffer under demonstrations and some rioting, due to political oppression, Iraqis are filled with hope for their future, protected by the rule of law, an increasingly well trained and effective security force, a constitution, and democratically elected officials.

You won’t hear that from the MSM anytime soon!


In other good news Haider translated a report from Al-Mada News from April 15, 2008:

Iraqi Parliament passes a law to compensate those suffered damaged from military activity.

The Iraq parliament passed a ten item law for the compensation of those damaged by military activity and terrorist activity. The law was passed during Monday’s parliamentary session under the leadership of Sheik Khalid Atiah first vice president of the parliament. Other items in the law have been postponed so as not conflict with other laws including the military pension laws. The parliament postponed voting changes to the reinstatement of fired politicians, and has its first reading of the foreign services law.

Also, it was announced that the “Peshmerga to be incorporated into security system.” and the “Iraqi cabinet approves local election bill.”

Haider Ajina adds this:

I have chosen the above articles to show how active and serious the Iraqi parliament is about its job. The breathing room we and the Iraqi forces have created, by combating and defeating the terrorist and anti democracy elements, is allowing a stronger focus on rebuilding, development, privatization and reconciliation activities. Laws passed by the Iraqi parliament and signed into law by the Prime Minister have included: a budget for 2008, amnesty to thousands of detainees, and a definition outlining the relationship between the central government and the provinces. Also Iraqi lawmakers have put their differences aside and agreed to allow some members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party to take government jobs. These all are key benchmarks the Iraqi government has achieved since security improved in the fall of 2007.

On April 14, Iraqis mourned the 20th anniversary of the gassing of the Kurds (Alenfal). The Iraqi PM in a speech called for never forgetting this ghastly act of the Baathists, and using it as motivation to build a peaceful Iraq free of sectarianism and divisiveness.

Haider Ajina

UPDATE: More good news from Basra Here.
And, BG has a couple great links in the comments.

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