Iran Leads the World In Executing Gays

Last year Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed there were no gays in Iran.

Last year Iran also led the world in executing gays.
Iranian Rooz News reported that Iran leads the world in persecuting gays:

According to Amnesty ‎International, Iran had the highest number of execution of homosexuals in that year. Several ‎cases of executions of homosexuals were cited in cities such as Shiraz, Esfahan, Tehran, Rasht, ‎Ahwaz, Tabriz, Kermanshah and Mashhad. ‎

According to reports, the harshest treatments of homosexuals took place in Isfahan last year. ‎Police and security officers in Isfahan orchestrated widespread raids on homosexuals on two ‎occasions, in spring and winter, arresting and torturing a great number of suspected ‎homosexuals. First, in May of 2007, 83 homosexuals were arrested in one day at a private ‎gathering and, after being transported to the “Dastgerd” prison in Esfahan and tortured, 33 of ‎them were summoned for further criminal inquiries. These individuals were tried at branch 114 ‎of the Esfahan criminal court and almost all were ordered to pay hefty fines. ‎

The second occasion began with a simple birthday party. While 17 young men had gathered in ‎one of Esfahan’s Armenian neighborhoods to celebrate a friend’s birthday, the birthday party was ‎interrupted with a police attack. This time, the arrested individuals were transported not to ‎Dastgerd prison, but to an Intelligence Ministry detention facility in Esfahan, located on Roudaki ‎Avenue. According to an attorney qualified to practice law in Iran, “interrogating and subjecting ‎people to severe torture by the Intelligence Minister on suspicion of being a homosexual is ‎unprecedented.” ‎

19 year-old Makwan Moloudzadeh was hung by the regime in December 2007 for having gay relations when he was 13. 6,000 citizens, almost the entire population from the Kurdish Iranian town of Paveh, showed up for his funeral.

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