Independent's "Great Depression" Picture is 3 Years Old

The Independent reported Tuesday that the US is suffering from a Great Depression. To emphasize their point The Independent showed a picture of disadvantaged Americans lining up for aid in New York:

The caption to the photo is: “Disadvantaged Americans queue for aid in New York”.

After further inspection it appears that those depressed citizens suffering in New York have been standing in line a long time.

The photo was first published in 2005.
Done with Mirrors explains where the photo first showed up.

You’d think if America was entering a Great Depression that The Independent could find better proof than a picture from 2005.
You’d think?


It didn’t help The Independent any that the stock market posted its best start to a second quarter in 70 years with a nearly 400 point gain on Tuesday.
That was a quick Great Depression, huh?

UPDATE: Maggie’s Farm found something else fishy about the photo!!

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