Hundreds Rally For Tax Cuts in Minnesota

April 15th Tax Day Roundup:

Grizzly Groundswell has several posts on the massive tax cut rally in Minnesota this past weekend – HereHereHere – and there’s much more Here.

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Meanwhile… at Young America’s Foundation and HotAir Jason Mattera confronted Senator Teddy Kennedy on why he vigorously supports the estate tax while the Kennedy family dodges paying them.
Here’s the video- This is good:
(1 minute 17 seconds)

Thank goodness Teddy was saved by the elevator.


* * * * *

More… Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) again is coming out on the side of sanity. She is proposing a Constitutional Amendment to limit wasteful spending in Washington. Copious Dissent has more on her plan.

—Finally, It’s April 15th, but that didn’t stop this liberal film maker from proposing tax hikes.

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