Hooray! Obama Camp Plays First Race Card Against Republicans

The Obama camp plays its first race card against Republicans.

When 92% of blacks are voting for Obama over Clinton (97% of black men in Pennsylvania) you’d think Democrats would notice they have a race problem. Instead, Barack Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, played the race card against Republicans today.
The National Journal reported:

Question: Well, one of the things to which some Democrats point — the Clinton campaign has not said this publicly at least, but one certainly hears it in talking to supporters in more of a background way. Look at the racial polarization in the last several contests — Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi — is that going to be a problem? Is race going to be a problem for Barack Obama in the general election?

Plouffe: We really don’t think so. I mean the vast, vast majority of voters who would not vote for Barack Obama in November based on race are probably firmly in John McCain’s camp already.

Ooh… Nice play!
You can be sure that won’t be the only race card played from now until election day.
But, it was the first.

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