Hillary Gasses Up– Then Leads Fleet of Gas Guzzlers to Speech on Oil Prices

It was just another day on the J-O-B for your average American girl.
Hillary commuted to work in a gas guzzling pickup in South Bend, Indiana today.

South Bend Tribune

After gassing up the pickup, Hillary and her driver led a fleet of gas guzzling secret service suburbans to her next campaign stop where she focused on high gas prices and evil oil companies (that make less than half the profits of some computer companies).

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., left, rides in a pickup truck to commute to work with sheet metal worker Jason Allan Wilfing, Wednesday, April 30, 2008, as she campaigns in South Bend, Ind.
(AP/Elise Amendola)

Hillary has not gassed up or driven her own car in 16 years.


CBS had more on Hillary’s joyride:

The vehicle Wifling will be driving is not even his own, it belongs to his boss, as that car was favored by Secret Service. Also, the truck will not just cruise down the streets of South Bend alone, it will also be accompanied by a slew of police vehicles and unmarked Secret Service cars. Not exactly a typical commute to work for most people.

And, Hillary didn’t do much better milking the coffee machine.

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