Hamas Leaders Head to Egypt to Meet With Jimmy Carter


Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, wears a Jewish skull cap as he visit the synagogue during his visit to the Haddassa Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem, Wednesday, April 16, 2008. Carter rebuffed a call Wednesday from an Israeli lawmaker to halt his contacts with Hamas, and senior leaders of the Islamic militant group rushed to Egypt in anticipation of a meeting with the former U.S. president.
(AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)

The senior leaders of the terrorist group Hamas Mahmoud Zahhar and Sa’id Siyam traveled to Egypt today to meet with Jimmy Carter.
The Bush Administration had urged Carter not to meet with Hamas.
Palestinian Maan News reported:

Senior Hamas leaders Mahmoud Zahhar and Sa’id Siyam headed to Egypt on Wednesday to meet former US President Jimmy Carter, Hamas officials said.

The Palestinian Prime Minister in the Hamas-run de facto government, Isma’il Haniyeh, was also invited to the meeting, but could not make it to Egypt for what he called “private reasons.”

Senior Hamas leader Ayman Taha told Ma’an that the meeting will be held in Cairo on Wednesday evening, and will address the siege of the Gaza Strip and a potential ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian military forces.

Taha said Hamas would not change its position, demanding that any ceasefire include both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, an end of the siege of Gaza and halting Israeli offensives.

“I came here to listen to the Palestinian point of view, and we are interested to convey the image to the whole world,” Carter said before the meeting with Hamas leaders.

Meanwhile, four Hamas terrorists and three Israeli soldiers were killed today in Gaza fighting.


UPDATE: It’s a pretty sad day when even Islamic Jihad refuses to meet with you.

UPDATE 2: Hamas said today that Jimmy Carter’s visit was a boost to the terror organization’s legitimacy.

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