Fort Dix 6 Terrorist & Illegal Alien Sentenced No Thanks to Democrats

The first of 6 defendants from Kosovo was sentenced today for plotting a terror attack on Fort Dix.

Agron Abdullahu pleaded guilty on Halloween to conspiring to provide firearms and ammunition to illegal aliens who allegedly plotted to kill U.S. soldiers at various installations. Today he was sentenced to serve only 20 months in prison.

The 6 terrorists were arrested last year no thanks to this shameless bunch:
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The Fort Dix 6 would not have been captured without surveillance activity allowed by the Patriot Act. The FBI had the group under surveillance for a year.

All 6 are illegal aliens involved in planning the terror strike.
(An earlier report said that only three were here illegally?)
ADN Kronos and Religion of Peace reported:

An ethnic Albanian from Kosovo has been sentenced to 20 months in jail by a United States court for his role in a terrorist plot to kill American soldiers in a military base, local media said on Tuesday.

The District court in Camden, New Jersey, on Monday sentenced Agron Abdulahu. He was a member of a terrorist group of six which was arrested last May for planning a terrorist attack on Fort Dix military base in New Jersey with the aim “to kill as many as possible American soldiers”. Abdulahu was charged with providing weapons and training for the group and pleaded guilty last October.

The other members of the group, three ethnic Albanian brothers from Macedonia, Elvir, Sain and Dritan Duka, were charged with “conspiracy to kill military personnel” and if convicted could get a life sentence. The same charges were pressed against Jordanian citizen Mohamad Shnewer and a Turk, Serdar Tatar

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has said there was no prove that the group was directly linked to other terrorist organizations. But al-Qaeda propaganda material was seized during raids of their apartments along with weapons and explosives.

All six were illegal immigrants in the United States and were indoctrinated by radical Islam, the FBI concluded.

The indictment against Abdullahu is posted online HERE.

6 Islamists Arrested on Terror Charges!… Planned Ft. Dix Massacre!

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