Elitist or Liar: Pennsylvania Dem Primary …Update: Liar Wins

Tonight we get to see who is more bloodied-
Shameless Tuzla Liar or BaracKKKa Obama
Results at 8:00 PM EST.
Pennsylvania had 158 delegates at stake and is the last of the big states to vote.

FOX News reported that exit polling all year has had Obama doing better than the actual results.
Here are the initial exit polling results

Hillary is dominating:
– Women: 55% to 44%
– Lower Income – 55% to 44%
– Seniors 55% to 38%
– Union households 58% to 42%
– No college- 57% to 43%
– Gun owners 58% to 42%

Obama is dominating:
– Black 92% to 8% –Barack only did better in Illinois with black vote
– Youth- 58% in the under 30 crowd
– Urban voters – 69% to 31%
– College grads (Elitists) are going for Obama- 55% to 46%

HotAir has this from Marc Ambinder— “25% of Clinton supporters say they’d vote for McCain in the general election; 17% of Obama supporters say they’d vote for McCain in the general election.”

Michelle Malkin is tracking the results.

UPDATE: (8:45 PM EST)- FOX News projects Hillary Clinton the election winner.

Stephen Green is liveblogging at Pajamas Media.

UPDATE 2: Bill Clinton continues to do what he does best…
Yesterday, Bill Clinton said Obama played the race card- Today he says he didn’t say it. Johnny Dollar has the Video, via HotAir.

UPDATE 3: Hillary calls for shared prosperity again in her speech tonight in Pennsylvania. Somehow she will bring down gas prices and cure all of the world’s diseases. She also throws in her Bush-bash and “ready on day one” lines.

UPDATE 4: With the unemployment at 5%, Obama gives his patent Depression speech. Sheesh.

UPDATE 5: Let Freedom Ring has the county by county results. It was not a good night for Obama.

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