DNC Headquarters Picketed By Bitter Union Members


As if the DNC was not having enough problems with bitter voters…
Now, union members are picketing the DNC Headquarters in Washington.
Ben Smith and The Miami Herald reported:

WASHINGTON — Union workers picketed outside Democratic National Committee headquarters on Monday to pressure party leaders to seat delegates from Michigan and Florida at the party’s summer convention.

About 40 members of the Michigan and Florida Building and Construction Trade Councils and other unions wore signs and handed out leaflets, creating the odd spectacle of union members, a core constituent of Democrats, demonstrating outside party headquarters.

The gathering was peaceful and the union activists, who were attending a Washington convention, did not prevent anyone from entering the party’s offices. One union member wore a sign that read, “Guam delegates. Yes … Florida. No?”

“To ignore just about 1 million votes I don’t believe is something in our best interest,” said Patrick “Shorty” Gleason, president of the Michigan construction union.

The picketers later met with DNC officials.

National party Chairman Howard Dean, who was traveling Monday, has said he expects an agreement to be reached to seat delegates from both states at the Denver convention. He has said any deal will need the support of presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, who have been campaigning in advance of primaries in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina.

The DNC stripped Florida and Michigan of their convention delegates, a total of 366, for holding primaries too early in the process in violation of party rules.

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