Dem Leader: "It's Simplistic & Naive to Say People Can Spend Their Money Better Than the Government"

Let Freedom Ring and Eric Odom passed on this video of Minnesota State Senator Larry Pogemiller and Minnesota Majority Leader-designate speaking Leftist truth to power.
The socialist cat got out of the bag on this one:

At least he’s up front about it.
Here is what Pogemiller said in response to questions about a tax hike in Minnesota:

“I think it is simplistic and naive to say that people can spend their money better than government… The notion that everybody can individually spend their money better than government, I just think is trite wrong-headed and anti-democratic.

Oops! Pogemiller probably has no idea that what he just said is extremely offensive to Americans who work hard for their money just to see government take it and build a bridge to nowhere.

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