Chinese Ship Sending Arms to Zimbabwe Docks in South Africa …Update: SA OK's the Shipment of Arms

Here is the latest frightening development…

A Chinese ship carrying arms for the Mugabe regime docked in South Africa this week.
The Times reported:

An uncleared ship – suspected of carrying arms rumoured to be delivered to Zimbabwe – has docked at the Durban harbour, the National Ports authority said today.

Spokesman Ricky Bhikraj said the Chinese vessel had entered the port without clearance and had currently docked at the outer anchorage.

The ship — called ’An Yue Jiang’ is suspected of carrying a consignment of arms allegedly headed for Zimbabwe.

Andrew from Zimbabwe adds this:

And at the Holiday Inn in Harare, 20 Zim army officers checked in…along with several Chinese soldiers in full ChiArmy dress with revolvers… I told you the Chinese are the new colonialists.

All Africa has more on the cargo:


The Democratic Alliance ‘s spokesperson on defence, Rafeek Shah, said the vessel was alleged to be carrying several container-loads of weapons for the Zimbabwe Defence Force, including mortars, more than 3000 mortar bombs and 1500 rocket-propelled grenades.

However, the vessel’s captain, in a radio phone interview with Sapa, denied that it was carrying “dangerous cargo”.

Shah’s information is that the ship is carrying 3800 cases of weaponry and ammunition in six containers, that the delivery address is the Zimbabwe Defence Force, Causeway, Harare, and the point of origin on the cargo manifest is Beijing.

UPDATE ON THE ARMS SHIPMENT: South Africa OK’s the shipment of arms from China to the Mugabe Regime!
The South Africa Times reported:

South Africa will not interfere with a shipment of weapons aboard a Chinese ship that is destined for Zimbabwe, government communications head Themba Maseko said today.

“We are not in a position to act unilaterally and interfere in a trade deal between two countries,” he told a media briefing.

All South African authorities could do was to make sure that “all proper administrative processes” were followed.

He said the country had to be seen to be “treading very carefully” in its relations with Zimbabwe, given the complexity of facilitating talks between the Movement for Democratic Change and Zanu-PF.

“South Africa is not at all involved in the arrangement, it’s a matter between the two countries. It would be possible, but very difficult for SA to start intervening and saying that we will not allow the shipment through.”

Zimbabweans have a sense of humor despite all of the horrible suffering they have endured under the Robert Mugabe regime.
Here is a recent cartoon from the Weekly Mail, a South African mewspaper:

Click to Enlarge
It’s too bad it’s only a comic strip.
Thanks to Andrew

Mugabe officers arrested nearly 50 opposition demonstrators in Harare yesterday.

The Mugabe regime today accused the opposition of treason today according to the BBC.

Zimbabwe’s government has stepped up its campaign against opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, by accusing him of treason.

Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa alleged he was working with Britain to bring about “regime change”. Mr Tsvangirai has previously been put on trial for treason but acquitted. He said the charges were political.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was deeply concerned about the situation in Zimbabwe yesterday.

Over 130 more white farmers were driven from their land by Mugabe regime thugs.

Unidentified Zimbabwean farmers facing eviction from their farms which were targetted for seizure under controversial government land reforms walk into Harare’s magistrate’s court, February 2008. A Zimbabwe farmers union said more than 130 white farmers had been driven off their land by supporters of President Robert Mugabe, and around 30 had not able to return to their farms. (AFP/Desmond Kwande)

UPDATE: The Zimbabwean opposition lashed out at the Mbeki government of South Africa for being impartial mediators in the election talks, via the BBC.

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