China Shuts Down Mt. Everest– Harasses Climbers

China Clamps Down Mount Everest For Olympic Torch Run
Bruce, who sent the astonishing footage last year of the Tibetan refugees being shot by Chinese soldiers near Mount Everest at Cho Oyu, sent this news tonight:

As you probably know the Chinese plan on bringing the torch to the summit via the north side climbing route. But because they are paranoid about someone hauling a “Free Tibet” banner to the top they have requested (really pressured) the Nepalese government to close the south side from May 1-10. This is a critical time for climbers to acclimate to the higher altitudes. On top of that insult no cameras or cell phones are allowed at base camp . There is also a Chinese “liaison” officer there to censor all dispatches from base camp.

A fist outside a sculptor’s studio in the Chao Yang artist’s colony in central Beijing last Summer. ( reported:


( “China is starting to scare me,” an American adventure news colleague wrote to ExWeb yesterday. The country has managed to impose an iron-fist censorship on international climbers even outside of its own borders, on a mountain owned by Tibet and Nepal…

Reports from Everest state that yesterday the Nepalese Army actually searched all camps confiscating satellite phones, VHF radios, pda’s, computers, video cameras etc. Question is if that is legal without a warrant in Nepal.

For most mountaineers, climbing Everest is the adventure of their life and not all are rich. Some have mortgaged their homes, others have taken loans and many have invested in technology to stay in touch with family, friends, schools and youth programs. Now, they are not allowed to even snap pictures in BC.

Last year China arrested 4 US climbers for protesting for Tibet freedom at a Mount Everest base camp.

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