Chelsea & Ed Rendell Cruise Gay Bars For Votes (Photos)

What a drag… Chelsea and Ed hit the gay bars.

Chelsea and Ed Rendell cruise the gay bars. (Shakiki– photo by Hugh E. Dillon)
“I grabbed her ass,” one young woman exclaimed to her friends.
The Trail reported:

In her family’s non-stop campaigning in Pennsylvania, Chelsea Clinton got the post-midnight duty on Friday night: stumping in Philadelphia’s gay bars.

Hillary Clinton’s big supporter in the state, Gov. Ed Rendell, always heads to four or five of the most popular of them before elections, and he invited the former first daughter along for the trip.

And so it was that, as she walked out of Tavern on Carmac after midnight, a crowd of men outside the bar shouted “We love your highlights!” and “You’re gorgeous, baby.”

Clinton turned around, saying “thank you, but that’s not why you should vote for my mom.”

As 50 men and a handful of women gathered around her in the middle of Carmac Street, Clinton gave a five-minute discourse on her mother’s education policy, explaining the flaws of No Child Left Behind and how her mother would fix it.

“The gay community has great feelings toward the [former] president and Hillary and they happen to love Chelsea,” Rendell said.

A crowd of more than two dozen followed Clinton from Tavern to Woodies, a couple of blocks down the street. After being introduced by Rendell, Clinton gave a brief speech to the mostly male crowd, which briefly stopped dancing and checking out the dancers standing on tables (and wearing only briefs) to listen to her.

Chelsea’s gay welcome at Woody’s Friday night, (Photo: Jon Winkleman- Advocate)

On Saturday night, former cast members of the hit gay show, “Queer As Folk” will lead a pub crawl through Pittsburgh in Hillary’s honor.


Chelsea also crashed the gay Red Dress Party in Portland last week.

Don Surber wonders about the gay friendly Clinton policies:

Gee, what was it the gay people like best about Bill Clinton: When he signed don’t ask, don’t tell into law or when he signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law?

Sweetness and Light has more on the gay bar crawl.

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