Ahmadinejad Thanks Bloated Drug-Addicted Former Soccer Star for T-Sh*t

In January, bloated drug-addicted former soccer star and communist Diego Maradona sent a sweaty T-shi(r)t to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President of the Iranian Regime.
Maradona left this message:

“I have already met [Cuban President] Fidel [Castro], [Venezuelan President Hugo] Chavez, now I just want to meet your president, Ahmadinejad”, Maradona told the ambassador.

The “r” was lost in the Farsi translation.

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Today little Mahmoud thanked the communist for the sweaty gift.
Fars News reported:

“I am sincerely thankful for his Excellency’s kindness towards the righteous and revolutionary Iranian nation,” said the message from the Iranian president, according to IRNA.

The message is a response to Maradona’s gift late last year of one of his football jerseys to the “Iranian nation,” on which he wrote a slogan expressing his support and affection for the country.

Ahmadinejad has strengthened Iran’s ties with several states in Latin America in recent years.

He is particularly close to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who counts Maradona amongst his friends. The former soccer star has also regularly expressed his disdain for the United States.



Commie-Lover Maradona Gifts Ahmadinejad With T-Shi(r)t

MORE Iranian Action… Some brave souls in Iran are torched the Koran and put the video up on YouTube.

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