Activists Plan Nude Peace & Free Love at DNC Convention

Final plans are being drawn up for the DNC Convention in Denver this summer.
Far Left activists are going to make it a week to remember.

Nude activists will spell out peace in downtown Denver sorta like these white dudes spell peace in Gainesville.

Slapstick has the latest.

The moonbats in Denver are planning a Free City of free everything in downtown Denver for the DNC Convention this year.
My FOX Colorado reported:

At some point there will be a “nude-in,” in which demonstrators will spell out the word “PEACE,” using naked bodies.

The activists said “Free City” will operate based on a 10-point program that supports a life without authority.

“Free City is also free of borders,” said Zoe Williams, a member of a group called Colorado Street Medics. “We welcome all people as immigrants, largely, to this country to be a part of Free City.”

Adam Jung, representing the group Tent State, added, “Free City is also going to free for political thought, free of commercialism, free of cages and prisons for political prisoners.

“And yes, one of the most fun ones, there will be free love – as long as it’s consensual.”

The group said their week at Civic Center Park – or, “Free City” – will feature a free university, 5,000 free meals twice a day for whomever wants them, a free concert, free medical care, and other innovations that won’t cost a cent.

Drunkablog has much more on the convention developments.
–Can you even imagine in Hillary and Bill try to steal the nomination while all of this is going on outside?

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