US Media Ignores 20 Year Anniversary of Halabja Massacre

The US media ignored today the 20 year Anniversary of the Halabja Massacre.
ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, AP and Reuters did not run reports on this historic anniversary.

On March 16th, 1988 the people of Halabja, Iraq suffered the worst chemical attack committed by the Iraqi regime. On that day, 5,000 innocent civilians, 75% of them women and children, immediately perished. This was not the only chemical attack ordered by Saddam, it was just the worst- Halabja.

EuroNews has video of the remembrance ceremony today HERE.


Here is actual footage of the aftermath of the attacks on Halabja back in 1988:
(Warning: Very Graphic)

Reporter Terry Lloyd enters Halabja, Iraq, escorted by Iranian Army officers after the poisonous gas attacks by the Saddam regime in 1988.

Kurdish father Omar Khawar and his infant son, victims of Saddam Hussein’s poison gas attack on Halabja, Kurdistan (Iraq), March 16, 1988. (Halabja)

Ceremonies for the 20th anniversary of the Halabja massacre were held today. Iraqi officials raised the curtain on a monument of the true martyr Omar Khawar.
Here is a photo of that monument:
(This was not published in the US.)

A man weeps next to the statue unveiled in Halabja, Iraq today.
Khawar is a Kurdish man whose picture drawn as a man embracing his dead child killed by Halabj chemical gas attack in 1988, is known as the epitome of the massive human disaster- Aswat Aliraq.

The US media failed to discuss this beautiful dedication ceremony today in Halabja.
It did not fit their agenda.

20 Years Ago Today… The Halabja Massacre

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