Student Uprising!… Protests Continue Against Regime In Iran

Hundreds of brave university students continued to protest against the brutal regime in Iran this week.
Shiraz University students continue to threaten the regime with an uprising.

The students at Shiraz University in Iran promised they will rise up against the regime during their protests this past week. (NCR)

At the protests the students are shouting: “Resign, Resign, we don’t want a corrupt chancellor… This is our last warning, students’ movement is alive.”

The students posted more video from their protests at the university:
(Via Iran Press News)

The protests are getting so out of hand that the mainstream media is even noticing.
The Washington Post reported on the student protests this morning:


Hundreds of students at two Iranian universities have mounted protests in recent days to decry the expulsion of student activists and call for the resignation of a government-appointed campus president.

Between 100 and 200 students at Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran protested Tuesday against the recent banning of 40 students who had organized demonstrations against university authorities. In the central Iranian city of Shiraz, students have called for a university president to step down and demanded higher-quality food and housing.

“The students are against the banning of their friends,” said Rashid, a 25-year-old graduate student in Tehran who refused to give his family name out of fear he would be arrested. He said he was recently expelled from Allameh Tabatabai and later beaten by security guards when he tried to visit the university.

Iranian blogger Arymehr posted more on the protests.

Shiraz Students Threaten Iranian Regime– Promise Uprising! (Video)

UPDATE: Ardeshir Arian at Pajamas Media reports that central Iran has been paralyzed by the student protests.

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