Student Mob Shuts Down MN Military Recruitment Center

Student leftists from Macalester College wearing plastic arm tubes shut down an army and navy recruitment center in Minnesota on Thursday.
…It looks like nothing a good chainsaw couldn’t handle, I suppose.

The Macalester SDS action was undertaken alongside a protest at the U by the Anti War Committee, UofM SDS, and Youth Against War & Racism. The slightly larger anti war march started at noon and met up in front of the Navy and Army recruitment center.

At 9am Thursday morning 10 Macalester students locked themselves to the doors of an Army and Navy Recruiting center on Washington Avenue, shutting both down for an entire day. (Indymedia)

The Minnesota police allowed the young Leftists to sit until 3:45 with their plastic arm tubes blocking the entrance of the recruitment offices. (Indymedia)

The Leftists from the University tried to likewise shut down a nearby National Guard recruiting office by occupying it, those protesters were quickly arrested and later released without incident.

Of course, the Leftists joined with local Jew-haters for the protest. (Indymedia)

One Minneapolis recruitment center was targeted by vandals last month who destroyed the front window with bricks. It was the sixth break-in on that office in the last 18 months.

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