Sizing Up Sacrifice- Iraq War vs. Major Battles Since WWII

Sizing Up Sacrifice:

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Iraq War (5 years)– 3,990
Batan Death March (one week)– 10,000
Battle of Guadalcanal (186 days)– 7,099
Battle of Guam (20 Days)– 3,000
Operation Market Garden (9 days)– 3,664
Battle of the Bulge (41 days)– 19,276
Battle of Iwo Jima (39 days)– 6,821
Battle of Pusan Perimeter (61 days-Korea)– 6,706

Numbers from and Iraq Casualty Count

In February 2007 antiwar Democrat John Murtha said:

“This is the most intensive combat I’ve seen since maybe some of the combat in Iwo Jima or some of those places in World War II.”

…Far from it.
Another Rovian Conspiracy corrected the Code Pink favorite.

The Iraq War has been no Iwo Jima.

More… You won’t hear this at a Hillary Clinton stump speech:

The US military lost more soldiers in the first 5 years of the Clinton Presidency than the US military lost in the first 5 years in Iraq.
(Numbers from CRS report to Congress pdf)

American forces have fought brilliantly in Iraq.

UPDATE: (23:00 PM) Kirk sends this chart which shows that we have suffered fatalities in Iraq at a rate 200 times smaller than the Battle of the Bulge:

Kirk adds– “The chart itself shows a much more dramatic visual difference; and that’s _after_ I took out the Bataan Death March because (a) it was so far off the scale it made most of the other battles look good (i.e. closer to Iraq) by comparison, and (b) it wasn’t really a battle, just an atrocity committed against the already-captured.”

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