Shiraz Students Threaten Iranian Regime– Promise Uprising! (Video)

The Iranian students are restless…
Shiraz University students marched and threatened the regime with an uprising.

The students at Shiraz University in Iran promised to rise up against the regime during protests this week. (NCR)

The students at Shiraz University forced the chancellor to flee campus this week and chanted anti-regime slogans during their mass protest.
NCR-Iran reported:

Students chanted anti-government slogans against Mohammad Sadeqi, the school’s chancellor, demanding his resignation. Protesting students occupied Sadeqi’s office when he escaped the compound thought the backdoor fearing for his life.

Demonstrators shouted, “Resign, Resign, we don’t want a corrupt chancellor,” “This is our last warning, students’ movement is alive,” “We don’t want a Pasdar (a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-IRGC) as our chancellor.”

Iranian blogger Arymehr reported this news:

Shiraz students give a last warning to the occupational Islamic forces:

“Farmandeye padegaan een akhareen payam ast! Jonbeshe daneshjooyi amadeye ghiam ast! Maa zan o marde jangeem! Bejang ta bejangeem!”

(english translation: Commander of Islamic forces this is our last call! The students movement is ready to rise up! We, men and women, are ready for war! If you want war we will bring war to you!)

** Arymehr also has video of the student uprising at Shirbaz University.
Here is another video from the Shiraz University protesters chanting against the regime this week:
(26 seconds)

NCR-Iran is now reporting that the protests are spreading out to other universities.

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