Sacrebleu!… French Socialists Back Barack Obama

Mondesfrancophones sends this election news:
The kiss of death: Barack being endorsed by French socialists:

Le baiser au pendu – the Kiss of Death

There’s more at Pour-Obama
(Warning- the website Pour-Obama may lock up things when you open it.)
Here’s the rough translation:

“When you encounter Barack Obama, you believe him outright.
Large and handsome man with the approach smiling, it is one of those rare tributes who, beyond their message, dreams. It is that kind of leader that makes you believe in the policy and makes you want to go further with him ”

And again:

“The Committee french support Barack Obama hopes your support. We do not vote but we have the power to influence and powerful. Obama is important for the United States and also for France. For him, convinced internationalist, a public support French would be valuable. Get involved on his victory! ”

The kick ass, I tell you!

Thanks to A. Leupin

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