Reuters: "George Bush Says He Doesn't Regret War's Cost in Lives"

Reuters made this dishonest statement yesterday in their grim milestone report that 4,000 soldiers had lost their lives in the Iraq War:

“US President George Bush says he doesn’t regret the war or its cost in lives.”

Here is the video. Reuters makes the claim at the end of the report:

Here is what the president actually said about the mission in Iraq yesterday via The New York Times:

President Bush, although “grieved” by the new numbers, would continue to push forward and “focus on succeeding.”

Mr. Bush responded only indirectly to the passing of the milestone. He made reference to “this day of reflection” during a brief statement at the State Department on Monday afternoon, in which he noted the deaths of foreign service officers, as well as soldiers.

“I hope their families know that the citizens pray for their comfort and strength,” he said, “whether they were the first one who lost their life in Iraq or recently lost their lives in Iraq — that every life is precious in our sight.”

Sorry Reuters, even the evil Chimpy Bushitlerburton is not that rotten.

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