Portland Protesters Call For Fragging of Military Leaders

Last year they were sh*tting on a flag.
This year they’re calling for murder of military officials.
Not just antiwar…

Marooned in Marin, via LGF Quick Links, saw this photo from the Portland “antiwar” protest this week. The protesters were calling for soldiers to shoot their superiors.
Indymedia later pulled this photo down.

But these are still up:

Here is another shot of the protesters “fragging” banner that is still posted at IndyMedia-Picasa.

“Your noose is waiting”

These photos were taken at the Wells Fargo building protest this week. (Indymedia-Picasa)

Protesters celebrate at their antics– The fragging banner lays in front of them. (Indymedia-Picasa)

Students scale City Hall in Portland this Friday at an “antiwar” protest.

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