Oops… NY Governor Billed Hotel Trysts As "Constituent Services"

Yesterday, Gov. Paterson denied using campaign money to pay for his trysts…
Guess not.

Governor Paterson has been in office two days now.

NY Governor Paterson may have used campaign funds for his hookups.
This was Paterson’s first week in his new job.
Last week the previous Democratic Governor stepped down after being caught in a prostitution ring.
The New York Daily News reported:

Gov. Paterson admitted Wednesday he may have improperly billed his campaign for at least one hotel tryst with a girlfriend.

The hotel tryst was apparently listed as “constituent services.”

A Daily News review found that in a handful of other campaign expenditures, Paterson may have used campaign funds to cover personal expenses and misstated their purpose in public disclosure forms.

The records also show he made reimbursements, but he acknowledged he may have failed to pony up in one instance.

Your campaign dollars at work.


LawHawk has the latest bad news for Paterson–
A mysterious woman was paid $1,000 for mysterious reasons during the campaign.

And… In addition to hotel stays, Paterson’s campaign account spent thousands of dollars on meals and flowers.

Shocka… Newest NY Governor Admits to Extramarital Affairs

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