Only 40% of Palestinians Openly Support Suicide Bombing Jews

Usama Muhammad Id Bahr and Nabil Mahmud Jamil Halbiyyah blew themselves up in Jerusalem’s Zion Square on December 1, 2001. Before setting off to “martyrdom,” they also left a car bomb set on a timer two blocks away. It exploded just as rescue workers and emergency personnel arrived on the scene. The human toll was severe, what with 11 deaths and 188 injuries.

The deceased were all between ages 14 and 21. They were out for a night of fun after the end of Sabbath. (Saddam Hussein and Terror)

Good news?
Only 40% of Palestinians openly support suiciders killing Jews.
IMRA reported:

Less than half of Palestinians (49.4%) oppose suicide bombings in Israel – and a whopping 40.2% are willing to tell a pollster that they support suicide bombings in Israel.

Don’t tell this to Secretary of State Rice or President Bush.

They are convinced that the Palestinian street opposes terror and wants Israel to drop security measures designed to stop the terror attacks.]

Poll No. 164
Date: 12.March.2008

The most recent poll prepared by Dr. Nabil Kukali revealed that:

(73.0 %) of the Palestinians support at present a Palestinian-Israeli calm period.
(49.4 %) oppose the suicide bombings inside Israel.
(67.4 %) are in favor of calling on Hamas leadership in Gaza to retreat from the “military decision”.
(70.5 %) oppose the decision made by the Palestinian government in favor of the “clearance certificate”.
(72.5 %) evaluated their economic situation as ‘bad’.

When your culture glorifies murder and killing Jews you tend to get these kind of polling results.

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