Obama Won't Be Visiting His Ailing Grandmother This Easter

The Obama family won’t be in the front pew at Trinity Church this Easter Sunday.
Barack won’t be attending another “AIDS Conspiracy Sunday, or God Damn America Sunday, or US of KKKA Sunday, or the Post-9/11 America-Had-It-Coming Memorial Service.”

Barack Obama is taking his family to the beach this Easter.
But, he won’t be going back home to the beaches of Hawaii where he is from.
Barack won’t be visiting his ailing grandmother who raised him this Easter.

Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, a bank vice president, and grandfather, Stanley Dunham, a salesman, lived in a two-bedroom apartment in downtown Honolulu and helped raise their grandson Barack until he graduated from high school. Barack rarely talks about his grandmother. She is in poor health and still lives in the same Hawaii apartment he grew up in. She is not able to travel.

Barack Obama is taking his family to the beach for Easter.
The Obama family is expected to go on a tropical vacation to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Maybe Obama will make it home some other time.
He hasn’t been back to see his ailing 85 year-old grandmother in over a year now. His maternal grandmother in Hawaii is the only living ancestor of the United States Senator and Democratic Party presidential candidate.
She’s been too ill to travel. His grandmother suffers from severe osteoporosis that keeps her from traveling from Hawaii. But, she does come up in his campaign speeches once in a while. Barack mentioned her when he was campaigning in his grandfather’s home town in Kansas.

And, he mentioned her this week, of course.
He threw her under the bus because she once said she was afraid of black bum at a bus stop who was harassing her.
He said her remarks were just like those of his “G-damning” pastor.

Barack Obama won’t be visiting his ailing grandmother this Easter.

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UPDATE: The other stories Obama told about his lovely grandmother paints her in a different light. She wasn’t such a racist after all.

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