Obama May Want to Rethink His New Black Panther Webpage

Could you imagine if John McCain had a webpage dedicated to a white supremest group at his website? Do you honestly think that would go unnoticed by the media?

Considering his latest G-damning America minister debacle…
Barack Obama may want to rethink his New Black Panther Page posted on his website:

Considering there is already enough video out there of Obama’s pastor and mentor G-damning America— And considering that the senator has the support of Louis Farrakhan— The New Black Panther endorsement will probably not help him win over those rural voters in Pennsylvania.


Meanwhile… Ace of Spades has the latest from Reverend Jeremiah Wright–
An anti-Semitic screed that would make a card carrying CAIR member blush.

UPDATE: (Wednesday) FOX News reported that the Obama Camp removed the New Black Panther Endorsement from their website today.

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