Kofi Annan: "We" Cannot Take On Military Action in Iran

Iranian Fars News was excited to report this interview with former failed UN leader and Elder Kofi Annan:

At a wide-ranging round-table with journalists, Annan said he didn’t have enough information to comment on the justification for the UN Security Council’s demand that Iran suspend uranium enrichment until it allays Washington’s suspicions about its nuclear program. Tehran insists the program is peaceful, aimed only at using nuclear power to generate electricity.

Asked how the international community should deal with Iran, he said dialogue was the only way.

We cannot, I’m sure, take on another military action in Iran, and I hope no one is contemplating it. It would be a real disaster,” he said.

Who exactly is “We”?
Is he talking about the UN forces?
The ones who trade food for sex with poor women and children? …The same UN that has done nothing for Iraq except rape it for its oil in the world’s largest corruption scandal ever?

Who is “We”?
Kofi Annan has some gall.

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