Iran Launches Kidney Donation Drive to Raise Cash to Kill Jews

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Kamangir was first to report on this very odd kidney drive yesterday.

The regime in Iran held a rally today where a price was put on the heads of the top ranking Israeli security officials as revenge for killings in Gaza and the assassination of arch terrorist Imad Mugniyah.

Israeli officials Ehud Barak, Meir Dagan and Amos Yadlin are targeted by the regime in Iran. (YNET)

The regime asked volunteers for their kidneys so that they could raise money to kill more Jews.
YNET News reported more on this protest today:


In the Iranian capital of Tehran, it was reported that an unprecedented ceremony took place on Sunday in which a price was put on the heads of the top ranking Israeli security officials as revenge for the assassination of Hizbullah arch terrorist Imad Mugniyah last month.

The Iranian news agency IRNA quoted an announcement from a radical organization called the “Islamic Student Justice Seekers” in which the group made clear its reasoning for the move.

“Following the increase in crimes by the Zionist regime in occupied Palestine and in the Gaza Strip, and in wake of the assassination that this regime carried out abroad of senior members of the resistance front, a ceremony will be held today to set a financial prize for the killing of the organizers of these acts.”

According to the organization’s announcement, the financial prizes are to be given to those who take out the three most senior members of the Israeli security establishment: Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Mossad Chief Meir Dagan and Head of Military Intelligence Amos Yaron.

Donate your kidneys today, so that some Islamist may have the gift of life…
To kill more Jews tomorrow.

A cleric registers to sell his kidney to help raise reward money during a pro-Palestinian meeting at a cultural centre in Tehran March 9, 2008. Students agreed on a one-million dollar reward for the murder of three Israeli commanders, Ehud Barak, Amos Yadlin and Meir Dagan. (REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl)

Judith Apter Klinghoffer has more on the odd kidney drive.

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