Haters Unite!… Prominent Black Minister Compares Jeremiah Wright to MLK, Jr.

On Easter the racist Jeremiah Wright was compared to Jesus.
Now… Obama’s hateful minister is being compared to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Minister Paul Scott compares the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Star-Telegram reported this reaction by minister Paul Scott on Reverend Jeremiah Wright this morning after it was reported that he was cancelling his Texas events:

Paul Scott, founder of the Messianic Afrikan Nation, sent mass e-mails Wednesday to clergy, news media and other groups, urging pastors across the country to speak out in support of Wright.

“It is a shame that Dr. Wright has to cancel some of his speaking engagements,” he said. “We have to do a better job protecting Dr. Wright than we did Dr. King.”

Scott, who has been a guest on talk shows across the country, says that black liberation theology is needed because it exposes the hypocrisy of Euro-Christianity.

Here is more from Paul Scott’s website:

April 4th , will mark the anniversary of the murder of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was not afraid to speak Truth to power and to use his Liberation Theology to correct societal wrongs. Although many people boo hoo over the death of Dr. King, these same people are silent when it comes to another Liberation theologian, Dr. Jeremiah Wright.

It is a shame that newspapers across the country are reporting that Dr. Wright has had to cancel speaking engagements because of alleged security threats. Where are all the people who constantly complain that there aren’t any more black leaders? Where are the clergy who claim that they are “on the battlefield” for their Lord ? Where are the men in the community that are suppose to protect the elders?

In every city, people need to be standing up for the right of Dr. Wright to speak without fear for his safety as well as those who come to hear him .

In every city, there need to be t-shirts and bumper stickers that say “Wright is Right” in big bold letters.

We have to say with a loud voice that we have lost too many black leaders and we will not lose another one!

Minister Paul Scott also created the hate website Messianic Afrikan Nation— The Messianic Afrikan Nation of Yeshua was founded by Min. Paul Scott in 2003. The purpose is to teach Afrikan Liberation Theology and live our lives according to Afrikan Liberation Spirituality.

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