Grim Milestone… Iraq War Loss Number Gives Media & Democrats New Hope For Surrender

UPDATE: America’s North Shore Journal has been tracking numbers from MNF-I and put together this graph:

US troop losses verus anti-Iraqi Forces
This won’t make any headlines today.

The US military has been fighting in Iraq for over 5 years.
The losses have now reached 4,000.
The US has never lost so few soldiers in a major conflict over the same period of time. This shows the superior ability of the US military. But, sadly this won’t get played out that way in the liberal media. Don’t expect the media to put this grim milestone into context.

More soldiers were lost during the Clinton years than during 5 years of war in Iraq:

Numbers from Iraq Coalition Casualties and CRS report to Congress (pdf)


The media has not been able scream quagmire for a while so watch for the MSM to take full advantage of this milestone today.

Iraq Coalition Casualties

Regardless of how well things are going in Iraq or how important it is to the international community that Iraq becomes a success, today’s news will give Democrats and the media hope that the US will still lose this war.

MORE… And, this may come as a surprise to antiwar Democrat John Murtha anyway, but the military is not broken after 5 years of fighting in Iraq.
Hat Tip George Lauer

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