Geert Wilder's Anti-Islam "Fitna" Film Released (Video)

Let the seething begin…
Here is the trailer…

Here is Fitna on YouTube:

(This is the second video posted here- The first one was yanked by YouTube.)
We’ll see how long it stays up before it is yanked.
It does not seem any more violent than Obsession the Movie.

Fitna meaning mischief in Arabic is the name of Dutch right-wing MP Geert Wilders’ 15-minute film on the Qur’an.
Reuters reported:


Dutch right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders posted a film he said would be critical of the Koran on the Internet on Thursday, although it has angered Muslims and could fuel protests.

The film was posted on his PVV party’s Web site.

Wilders has called the Koran, Islam’s holy book, a “fascist” book that incites violence.

A screenshot from Fitna the movie:

HotAir has the video posted.
Poligazette also has full versions of the film posted.

A Muslim group is going to court tomorrow to seek a fine on Wilders:

A Dutch judge is due on Friday to hear the petition of a Muslim group seeking an independent review of an anti-Quran film by lawmaker Geert Wilders to see whether it violates hate speech laws.

The petition, seen by The Associated Press Thursday at the Hague District Court, says the Dutch Islamic Federation “believes the situation of Muslims in the Netherlands today is comparable with that of our Jewish fellow-citizens in the 1930s.”

…Except that the Jews in the 1930’s weren’t threatening to blow up government buildings or behead their detractors, of course.

Finally here is the LiveLeak version of Fitna:

UP NEXT: Iranian-born Ehsan Jami, former Labour Party politician and founder of the Committee of ex-Muslims, has announced he will publish an Islam-critic cartoon movie called “The Life of Muhammad”.
More on Ehsan Jami HERE.

UPDATE: Oops! Wilders mistakenly included the photo of a Dutch rapper in the film.

UPDATE 2: Fitna fallout reported.

UPDATE 3: Since LiveLeak pulled the video– **HERE** is a list of independent websites that still have the video playing.

UPDATE 4: Atlas Shrugs has Fitna up and running.
Hat Tip Larwyn

UPDATE 5: Don’t Go Into the Light has a copy of the film posted.

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