Gaza Missile Attacks On Israel Surge– Up 500%

Dr. Dore Gold, Israel’s ambassador to the UN in 1997-99, President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and noted author sends this analysis on Israel’s War to Halt Palestinian Rocket Attacks.

The report discusses the history of the Gaza rocket fire into Israel that has been going on now since 2001. The terrorist rocket attacks increased substantially after Israel disengaged from Gaza in August, 2005. The terrorist rocket attacks have increased by more than 500% since that time.

Terrorists in Gaza have launched nearly 450 rocket attacks into Israel already this year. Last week the terrorists fired off a dozen powerful Grad missiles into the Israeli port of Ashkelon roughly five miles from Gaza’s northern frontier.

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The chart above shows the Increasing Range of Palestinian High-Trajectory Fire Against Israeli Cities and Towns. (JCPA)


The loss of Israeli control over Gaza has resulted in a significant increase in the range and quantity of rockets in the Palestinian arsenal. This is a very dangerous development for the state of Israel.

This map shows the Increasing Rnge of Palestinian High-Trajectory Fire Against Israeli Cities and Towns:

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White Line– Mortar shells – 3 kilometers
Green Line– 115 mm rockets (Qassam 2) – 6-7 kilometers
Yellow Line– 90 mm rockets (Qassam 1) – 9 kilometers
Red Line– 115 mm improved rockets – 11-12 kilometers
Orange Line– Future Qassam development – 12-14 kilometers
Brown Line– 122mm standard Katyusha rockets (Grad) – 20.4 kilometers

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has more on Israel’s war with Hamas.
This is an important read to understand the rest of the Gaza story ignored by the mainstream media.

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