Former Seal Makes Exposing Military Imposters His Mission

This video or podcast created by John Carey and playing at is about the work of former Navy Seal Steve Robinson.

Steve Robinson hunts down and exposes military imposters. In a little under five minutes, the pod outlines how and why many people pose as former Navy Seals, how Robinson and his team track down the imposters, and why Robinson feels so passionately that it is wrong:

The video mentions the case against phony soldier and former Democratic Atlantic City Mayor Bob Levy who pleaded guilty for lying to enhance his veterans benefits.

Robinson now works with POW Network to track down the military frauds and phonies.


Steve Robinson is also the author of the book titled: No Guts No Glory. It is his account of the fight to uphold the honor of his fallen Teammates. Steve details some of the most ludicrous claims imaginable of bizarre tales and outlandish stories recounted by SEAL imposters in their attempts to manipulate family and friends, influenced employers, and impress employees.

In related news… HotAir special correspondent Jason Mattera waded into the Winter Soldier II hearings to ask the tale-tellers a simple question: Would they sign sworn affidavits detailing their alleged war atrocities?
HotAir has video.

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