FARC Retaliates– Bombs Oil Pipeline in Colombia

Colombia officials reported tonight that the FARC bombed an oil pipeline!
Reuters and LGF Quick Links reported:

Leftist Colombian rebels bombed an oil pipeline in the southwest of the country, the government said on Wednesday, in a possible reprisal attack just days after the army killed a top guerrilla leader.

It will take about three days to repair the 100,000 barrel-per-day Trasandino pipeline in the jungle province of Putumayo, Deputy Energy Minister Manuel Maiguashca said.

…Authorities said the bombing was carried out by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, which is fighting a four-decade-old insurgency.

“Do not get into my territory”.

Hugo Chavez is the one with boot on.
This Venezuelan cartoon was posted at Venezuela News and Views.

Daniel has more on “The War at Home” in Venezuela now that Hugo has moved troops to the border and has closed his border with Colombia while his people starve.


Hugo’s Defense Minister General Gustavo Rangel Briceño clarified today that the move does not target the Colombian people but “the empire’s expansionist greed.”

Meanwhile… France comes clean, again, on their meetings with the FARC terrorists.
El Universal reported:

The number two man of the rebel Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC), who was killed last Saturday in an attack the Colombian Army launched on Ecuadorian territory, did not contact “recently” French officials to address the release of French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt, Wednesday said French government’s spokesperson Laurent Wauquiez.

The spokesman was replying to a statement the FARC made on Tuesday that Reyes was in Ecuador making efforts to arrange a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss the situation facing Betancourt and other FARC-held hostages, AFP reported.

“In fact, in the past, yet not recently, Reyes was an interlocutor of France, but in the same way he was an interlocutor of the countries involved in efforts for the release of the hostages,” Wauquiez told reporters following a cabinet meeting.

“For some time he was an interlocutor of the countries involved in the release of hostages, particularly France and Switzerland, but not during the last few days in particular,” the spokesman added.

Oh brother… Hugo Chavez today called Colombia’s raid a “War Crime.”
It makes you wonder what those Hollywood boobs think of him now.

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UPDATE: Don’t miss Austin Bay’s history on the Farc terror group at Townhall.

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