EXPLOSIVE NEWS– Chavez Paid $300 Million to FARC! …Update: FARC Has Uranium …Update: Neighbors Cut Ties w/Colombia

It was already well known that Hugo Chavez had been supporting the Marxist FARC terrorists
But, today’s news was explosive!

Together for FARC…

Captured FARC documents revealed today that both Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa (right) and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are in bed with the Marxist FARC terrorists of Colombia.

No wonder Hugo Chavez was so upset about the death of Raul Reyes this weekend after his group was ambushed by Colombian soldiers.
Reuters reported:


Colombia’s police commander said on Monday documents found at the camp of a top rebel commander killed in a raid showed evidence Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had made $300 million payments to FARC guerrillas.

Gen. Oscar Naranjo earlier said computers found in the camp of FARC commander Raul Reyes had revealed documents showing ties between the rebel leader and a representative of the government of Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.

The news of the death of Raul Reyes was jolting.
The news of the captured documents that Reyes was carrying is explosive.

Police officers stand around the body of Luis Edgar Devia, known as Raul Reyes, a senior commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, inside the plane that transported his body from southern Colombia to Bogota, Saturday, March 1, 2008. (AP)

Financial ties between Chavez and FARC go back to 1992.
The International Herald Tribune reported:

Colombia’s police chief said Monday that documents recovered from a slain rebel leader’s computer reveal financial ties between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Colombia’s largest guerrilla group, including a recent message that mentions US$300 million in Venezuelan support for the rebels.

The official, Gen. Oscar Naranjo, didn’t say if there was any indication in the Feb. 14 message that Venezuela actually delivered this money to the rebels.

Another document found in the laptop belonging to slain rebel leader Raul Reyes suggests financial ties between Chavez and the rebels dating back to 1992, Naranjo said. At the time, Chavez was jailed in Venezuela for leading a coup attempt, and was plotting the comeback that eventually led to his election as president in 1998.

“A note recovered from Raul Reyes speaks of how grateful Chavez was for the 100 million pesos (about US$150,000 at the time) that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, delivered to Chavez when he was in prison,” said Naranjo told a news conference.

JWF reported more on this very bad news for Hugo.

Oh… Castro blames the US.

Top FARC Dog Raul Reyes Killed By Colombian Forces
Chavez Warns of War… Says Colombia Is “Israel of South America!”
TENSIONS RISING– Documents Link Ecuador’s President to FARC

UPDATE: Colombia also announced today that the captured documents show that FARC was buying uranium:

Speaking at a news conference, Gen. Oscar Naranjo also said evidence in the computers suggests FARC had given Chavez 100 million pesos when he was a jailed rebel leader.

FARC has fought to overthrow the Colombian government for 40 years.

Chavez had no immediate response to the allegations involving him.

Naranjo said other evidence in the computers suggests FARC purchased 50 kilograms of uranium this month.

Fausta is following this developing South American crisis.

UPDATE 2: Tensions Rise– Ecuador cuts ties with Colombia.
The BBC reported:

Ecuador has cut diplomatic ties with Colombia in a deepening crisis over a cross-border raid by Colombian troops. Venezuela also said it was expelling all Colombian diplomats in the wake of the raid, which killed senior Farc rebel Raul Reyes and 16 others.

Ecuador and Venezuela have deployed troops to their borders amid calls for restraint led by the head of the UN.

Bogota has accused both states of having ties with the Farc and says the rebels have tried to buy uranium.

UPDATE 3: Venezuela cuts ties with Colombia.

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