Counter-Protesters Block Antiwar Activists From Shutting Down Tacoma Recruiting Center

Truth in Tacoma…

Antiwar protesters come clean. (5 Views)

The antiwar-antimilitary protesters from the Marxist group World Can’t Wait were shocked to see so many protesters at the Military Recruiters offices supporting the troops in Tacoma.

KING5 has terrific video of the protest HERE.

King5 out of Seattle, Washington reported that antiwar protesters were shocked on Saturday to see that they were outnumbered by pro-military protesters at a Tacoma recruiting center.


Antiwar protesters had hoped to surround the military recruiting offices but counter protesters beat them to the punch.
King 5 reported:

A (Marxist) group known as World Can’t Wait had organized an anti-war protest to mark the coming fifth anniversary of the Iraq War. But long before their protest was scheduled to begin, counter-protesters arrived.

The counter-protesters surrounded an office building that houses military recruiting offices, which anti-war protesters had said they planned to “shut down.” They shouted “God bless our troops” and waved American flags.

As the two groups faced off, dozens of police officers, including some in full SWAT gear, served as a buffer zone. They formed a human line to divide the groups.

But there were no arrests or injuries
The demonstrators shouted insults at each other and each side attempted to out-yell the other side.

“They don’t appreciate our soldiers and what they do for our freedom,” said Cheryl Ames.

The antiwar protesters from World Can’t Wait were forced to set up their base across the street.

5 Views has more photos from the protest.

5Views has this report from the Tacoma mall protest:

The protestors who organized this even ended up with fewer people than the counter-protestors had on their side of the line. In fact, the police out-numbered the anti-war protestors most of the day. There were about 50 at the peak of the protest, and about 30 or 40 at about 2:30 when I looked at my watch. Then it was down to about 25 when they decided to leave.

The police escorted them to their cars. I’m guessing that the escort was for the cars protection, not the protestors. None of the pro-troop attendees made any move to follow them. In fact, they just stood and cheered when they left.

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In related antimilitary news- California Patriot posted this video from a recent Berkeley protest where high school children demonstrated what they had learned at school:

Your tax dollars at work!
Berkeley High School students shout down members of Move America Forward, the pro-troop organization which came to Berkeley to defend Marine recruiters. Visit

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