Chinese Parade Handcuffed Tibetan Activists Down Lhasa Streets

The Chinese are allowing the people of Lhasa out of their homes.

(International Campaign for Tibet)

China paraded the captured protesters, both men and women, down the streets of Lhasa today in handcuffs.
The Times Online reported, via Drudge:

The Chinese Army drove through the streets of Lhasa today parading dozens of Tibetan prisoners in handcuffs, their heads bowed, as troops stepped up their hunt for the rioters in house-to-house searches.

As the midnight deadline approached for rioters to surrender, four trucks in convoy made a slow progress along main roads, with about 40 people, mostly young Tibetan men and women, standing with their wrists handcuffed behind their backs, witnesses said.

A soldier stood behind each prisoner, hands on the back of their necks to ensure their heads were bowed.

Loudspeakers on the trucks broadcast calls to anyone who had taken part in the violent riots on Friday — in which Han Chinese and Hui Muslims were stabbed and beaten and shops and business set on fire — to turn themselves in. Those who gave themselves up might be treated with leniency, the rest would face severe punishment, the broadcasts said.

The worst violence in 20 years in the deeply Buddhist Himalayan region has drawn a tough response from the Government, facing severe embarrassment as the riots threaten to tarnish its image of unity and stability only five months before it plays host to the Olympic Games in Beijing.

The Tibetan parliament-in-exile said that hundreds were dead in Tibet from the violence.

MTC wants to know why UN Peace Ambassador George Clooney is still cashing checks from Beijing Olympic sponsor Omega while monks are getting shot in the street?

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