Chicken Hawk Blogging Winter Soldiers II

“Kerry Lied- Good Men Died!”

Pro-Troop Protester
Winter Soldier II Conference

Will Jane Fonda appear on a tank?
Will John Kerry throw someone else’s medals over the White House fence?
Will the soldiers be real this time?
Will there be pot?

Another chapter on ‘How the Left supports the troops’ opens today.


Winter Solder II opens up today in Washington.
Jason Mattera will be there.
John Lilyea is liveblogging.

Someone (about 60 years old) just jumped up and shouted Kerry lied, good men died” and was manhandled from the room by security.


Michelle Malkin is updating.

John Yilyea has several photos from outside the antiwar meetings of pro-troop protesters rallying against the Winter Soldier II conference. He also is doing a great job blogging the different panels.

Bruce Kesler is blogging the theatrics.

UPDATE: Move America Forward gets attacked by Pinkos.

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