Bush Honors Gunnery Sergeant William "Spanky" Gibson

** VIDEO of Gunnery Sgt. Gibson HERE.

Gunnery Sgt. William ‘Spanky’ Gibson (FOX News)

President George W. Bush honored several soldiers today on the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War including Gunnery Sgt. William ‘Spanky’ Gibson.
The White House reported:


Our troops on the front lines understand what is at stake. They know that the mission in Iraq has been difficult and has been trying for our nation — because they’re the ones who’ve carried most of the burdens. They are all volunteers, who have stepped forward to defend America in a time of danger — and some of them have gone out of their way to return to the fight.

One of these brave Americans is a Marine Gunnery Sergeant named William “Spanky” Gibson. In May of 2006 in Ramadi, a terrorist sniper’s bullet ripped through his left knee — doctors then amputated his leg. After months of difficult rehabilitation, Spanky was not only walking — he was training for triathlons.

Last year, at the “Escape from Alcatraz” swim near San Francisco, he met Marine General James Mattis, who asked if there’s anything he could do for him. Spanky had just one request: He asked to re-deploy to Iraq. Today he’s serving in Fallujah — the first full-leg amputee to return to the front lines. Here’s what he says about his decision to return:

The Iraqis are where we were 232 years ago as a nation. Now they’re starting a new nation, and that’s one of my big reasons for coming back here. I wanted to tell the people of this country that I’m back to help wherever I can.

When Americans like Spanky Gibson serve on our side, the enemy in Iraq doesn’t got a chance.

Gunnery Sgt. William ‘Spanky’ Gibson (FOX News)

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