Beautiful… DNC Video Contest Lures America-Hating Kooks

The city of Denver, Colorado initiated a taxpayer funded Cinemocracy Short Film Competition:

During a year of monumental change, the Denver Film Society and Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, invite you to share your definition of democracy. By giving you an outlet for your voice, we hope to come closer to our own definition of democracy!

As expected… The videos are all weird, America-hating, Bush-hating, rants.
…Can’t wait to see the top 25 played for the Denver DNC Convention in the fall!
They ought to be just great.
Colorado bloggers Slapstick and Drunkablog are following the contest.
Here’s one of the hot entries- a Dedication to Chimpy Bushitlerburton:

Here’s a good rap about “the neanderthal in the Oval Office giving it to you in all of your orifices” with some cool cuss words for effect:

The Drunkablog has several of the lunatic videos posted and explains:


The top 25 ranked films as voted on by the online public viewers will be screened at a public event during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Slapstick has more videos and reaction from locals on this fall’s expected mayhem.

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