ALL CHARGES DROPPED Against Haditha Marine LCpl. Tatum

All Charges Dropped Against Haditha Marine LCpl. Stephen Tatum

On December 21, 2006, eight Marines were charged with crimes related to an incident that occurred in the insurgent-controlled city of Haditha.
Three will stand trial.
None of the three were charged with cold-blooded murder.

Defend Our Marines

Let Freedom Ring has this great news.

Democracy Project— There was no deal made with the prosecution!

Someone owes these marines an apology…

John Murtha did the work of Al Qaeda– He was willingly duped.

Unfortunately, Rep. Murtha was unavailable for comment.
… That’s nothing new for the antiwar Democrat.
Hat Tip Juandos

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NOT COLD-BLOODED! Haditha Marine Will Not Face Murder Charges!

UPDATE: Atlas is more direct with her response to Murtha.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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