After Speaking at N-Word Funeral– Detroit Mayor Resurrects the Dead

He was there at the funeral, but that didn’t stop Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from giving the n-word a new life.

After helping to bury the n-word last summer in Detroit at the NAACP annual meeting, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick resurrected the n-word this week on local TV.
FOX News reported:

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick stood before hundreds of people last summer and triumphantly proclaimed: “Die, N-word, and we don’t want to see you ’round here no more.”

But although Kilpatrick and other black leaders symbolically buried the racial slur in a mock funeral last July, he uttered it in his State of the City address Tuesday, which was carried live on local television and radio stations.

Facing possible perjury charges from testimony during a whistle-blowers’ trial and criticism over sexually explicit text messages he sent to his former top aide, a defiant Kilpatrick lashed out at the media and opponents. He said he and his family have been subjected to racial slurs, as well as threats over the past month.

“In the past 30 days, I’ve been called a nigger more than anytime in my entire life,” said Kilpatrick, 37. “In the past three days, I’ve received more death threats than I have in my entire administration.”

Jigga what? Jigga who?

The embattled Mayor Kilpatrick spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004.

More… The kooks at Sadly No must have missed the funeral and the meaning behind the funeral–
Just words.

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