A Miracle!… Prime Minister Rudd Brings Rain Back to Australia

Is he the Australian version of the Messiah?
Is he the one?
Or, is he just just a nutty Leftist fear mongerer?

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, the ear picker eater, promised to make manmade global warming a priority in his campaign this year.

At his first news conference as prime minister, Rudd promised “action, and action now” on climate change.
And, then he went to work.

In just a few short months Prime Minister Rudd has cooled the globe, made it snow in Baghdad, froze cattle in Vietnam and put the icecap back intact.
A miracle!


Even Australia is enjoying the fruits of his selfless governmental work.
Bloomberg reported, via Drudge:

Insurance Australia Group Ltd., the nation’s largest home insurer, last week posted a sixth straight profit decline after hail storms cost it A$105 million ($97 million). The yearly ‘Symphony in the Park,’ which usually attracts 80,000 people, had 700 this year as the orchestra played behind a tarpaulin during a downpour.

…After four years of water restrictions, Sydney saw about 50 percent more rain than usual this summer, according to Mike De Salis, a spokesman at Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology.

No day topped 31 degrees celsius (88 degrees fahrenheit) for the first time since 1956. Average daily sunshine totaled 6.7 hours, an hour less than normal and the lowest since 1991-92. The average maximum temperature was 25.2, the coolest since 1996-97.

It was the coolest summer in 50 years in Australia.
Thank you Prime Minister Rudd.
Thank you, Messiah Down Under.

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